sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2011

Post-it best friend.

Está velho, muito velho, mas continua a ser um dos textos que eu mais gosto e mais orgulho, porque só a melhor amiga e eu fazemos coisas assim.

"It was a sunny day when a love story started. She was the most beautiful girl that he ever seen. She had amazing green eyes and black hair. She was wearing a white dress and sandals. When she looked into his blue eyes she felt love. His white skin make stand out his fabulous brown hair. He was only wearing jeans, black jeans. 
  He said "hi" but she doesn't said nothing at all, she was petrified about his beauty. He walked away and then she start running after him, she put her hand over his shoulder, he looked right into her eyes and then they kissed each other. Then she said:
  -Hello, I love you wont you tell me your name?
  He smiled and sayed:
  -Bond, James Bond - he laught it - I'm kidding. I'm Dave, and you?
  -I'm Lis. Sorry but I have to go. Can I see you later?
  -I'm going to travel tonight, wont you to run with me and live happy together forever?
  -YES! To where do we go?
  -Helsinki, Finland.
  -Hmmm... I don't know. So, see you at midnight in here.
  And so they lived happily ever after."